I want to start by saying that the entire experience with Platinum Roofing was easy and stress free.

Earlier this spring, our family-owned apartment building’s roof started to leak. I did my homework and called a few companies to provide quotes. Platinum’s price was second lowest, but when I called the lowest guy he started talking about all the extras he’d have to add in. He seemed a bit flaky so I spoke to Mark at Platinum Roofing. He explained that (with the exception any rotting wood deck that might be found) his price included all the extras the other guy was trying to add in. The other prices I got were way high so I decided to go with Platinum.

The job went very smoothly. Luckily there was no rotten deck, so extra dollars. I spoke with all the commercial tenants we have on the ground floor and a couple of residents that live in the building. All had good things to say about Platinum or they didn’t even notice that Platinum was there. Good job guys! Would definitely use again.